Wednesday, January 17, 2007


"The material, such as it is, combines extreme ease of manipulation with great durability; to no other do the associations of our daily life cling more closely the to that with which the walls and ceilings of our homesteads are covered; from the humblest cottage to the most sumptuous palace [plaster] is used as a clothing to the rougher material composing the structure."

Plaster is the covering. It is separate united with its structure.

Plaster is sensitive to the hands of its maker, it is a sensuous material that takes on the memories of its creation through trawl or mold.

The quality of plaster is dependent upon the careful recipe of its components. For Vitruvius, the most important ingredients to plaster are care and time.

Plaster is based from either Gypsum, mud or Lime and in wall applications is made up of a series of layers going from most ruff to most refined.

Common additives to give bulk, strength, and texture include; straw, hair, concrete, sand, marble dust.

Other additives include;
Pectin, Casin Powder, Skim Milk, Blood, Manure, Flour Paste, Fig Juice, sugar.

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