Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Plaster_Venetien Trials

Trials on drywall board with a variety of primers and layers.

Indigo Blue-no Primer, Sheryl's mix
This plaster applied easily, but with a thicker application then the other venetian plaster samples. Primer would have made application smother.... next time!

Yellow -no Primer, Natural Lime based Venetian Plaster from UK
Plaster was difficult to apply as it dried quickly. Primer is needed.

Green(left) - Cassin Primer, Natural Lime Based Venetian Plaster from UK
Primer made application much easier and improved consistency of layers.

Green(Right) - DG 27 Primer, Natural Lime Based Venetian Plaster from UK
This primer made application very easy. Grit in primer made for a strong attachment.

This image depicts the second layer of three to be applied prior to final burnishing and waxing.

Plaster after Burnishing - Window is reflected. Better reflection could be achieved with a smoother application. Next time I will use a larger trowel. The Blue plaster became much more reflective then the plasters from the UK. Further trials needed to determine why.

After waxing the plaster took on a 'deeper' reflection and tones were made more consistent.


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